A lot of people are contemplating career changes in 2020. With the COVID pandemic, many folks are reconsidering their job choices. Is their job essential? Are they able to pay their bills? Do they need to pivot quickly and start developing new skills? So much is going on in the minds and hearts of working-age people, and we want to offer a helpful suggestion.

Have you considered a career in the automotive repair industry? We’d like to offer five reasons why a career in automotive repair could be smarter — and less expensive — than going to college.

1. Earning an automotive technician certificate takes less time than a 4-year degree.
2. A highly-skilled, master-level technician has the potential to earn six figures.
3. There is less school debt when pursuing an automotive repair career.
4. Auto repair businesses are considered “essential businesses” and continue working.
5. There are many opportunities for women, people of color, and bilingual people who want to get into the auto repair industry.

To illustrate our point, here is a video talking about the advantages of having a career in the automotive repair industry.

At D&H Enterprises, we encourage everyone who is interested in cars, technology, problem-solving, and working with people to consider a career in the automotive repair industry. We are always looking for qualified candidates who want to grow and thrive in this industry. If you are interested in learning more about how to begin a career in the auto repair industry, let us know and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

If you would like to “job shadow” our auto repair team and see what life is like serving people and their vehicles, we invite you to contact Mary Kemnitz, owner of D&H Enterprises, to discuss the opportunities.

By the way, if you’re worried about job security in this industry, don’t. Our industry is recession resistant. Having an automobile is so important for many Americans if they want freedom of movement. For example, even in the time of COVID with online classes for kids and work from home mandates for parents, more families are going road tripping. This means that people will still rely on their cars to get around town. Plus, they can enjoy more 3-day weekend road trips because of the flexible work and school schedules this Autumn. Truly, the auto repair industry is a very good industry if you want a solid career.

If you want to see for yourself our customer service experience, the auto repair team of D&H Enterprises will be delighted to take care of you and your vehicle. To schedule an appointment for a pre-purchase inspection, preventive maintenance, or auto repair, please visit https://www.dandhautorepair.com/ or call us at 925-356-0683. You’ll be glad you did!