D&H Enterprises in Concord, California is excited to announce a new campaign we are spearheading through the Rotary Clubs to donate monies to the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano. We are running it through our Cars 2nd Chance initiative and calling it “Cars For Food”.

Rotarians are turning your vehicle donations into Food Bank dollars! When you donate your vehicle, D&H Enterprises will repair it as needed and sell it to a new buyer. That money we receive from the sale of your donated vehicle will be designated for the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano, which helps to supply food throughout Northern California.

Cars 2nd Chance and D&H Enterprises, through the direction of David and Mary Kemnitz, have been turning vehicle donations into cash for charities for over 12 years in the spirit of Service Above Self. We accept vehicle donations of ALL types, anywhere in the United States, whether the vehicles are running or not. Plus, we will pick up your vehicle At No Charge. If you want us to get your car out of the driveway or off the street, donate it to us and we’ll be glad to use it for charity.

In case you are unsure about our new initiative, Cars For Food, here is the purpose behind it. During COVID-19, we are seeing a lot of friends, neighbors, and families becoming financially insecure and food insecure. The Food Bank has seen a 50+% increase in food distributions due to the pandemic, and this number will continue to climb with skyrocketing unemployment. Many of the people now receiving food from the food banks have never had to turn to the Food Bank before. This is why Cars For Food is so critical right now and we urge you to donate your old or unused vehicles.

The Food Bank has been serving the community for almost 45 years, and has a 5-star rating on Charity Navigator. Remarkably, 96 cents for every dollar received goes directly to food programs.

Similarly, Cars 2nd Chance has minimal overhead with volunteer help from local Rotarian members of Clayton Valley Concord Sunrise Rotary Club and the Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary. They are dedicated to donations that will allow families to get food now!

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about what D&H Enterprises and Cars 2nd Chance need in terms of donations:

What if my car doesn’t run? — That’s okay. We’ll still pick it up.

With COVID-19, do I need to go outside? — No. We are used to this. Our towers are practicing social distancing, too.

What can I donate? — We accept all types of vehicles including cars, boats, RVs, trailers, buses, and motorcycles.

I don’t have a vehicle to donate, will you accept cash donations? — Yes, absolutely!

For more information, call us at 925-326-5868, or visit our website at www.cars2ndchance.com. Learn more about our valued partners Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary and Clayton Sunrise Rotary Clubs.

When you bring your business to D&H Enterprises, you are also giving back to your community in ways you may not immediately see. But trust us, when you allow our auto repair team to serve you and your family fleet of vehicles, we are creating a ripple effect of joy that touches everyone. To schedule an appointment for preventive maintenance or auto repair, please visit https://www.dandhautorepair.com/ or call us at 925-356-0683. You’ll be glad you did!