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Why would I choose D&H vs. my car dealer?
I would chose DH for personalized, friendly service, Consistent staff who remembers you each time you visit. A beautiful Golden Retriever and a Lab who require lots of pets.

Do we Can I have an estimate in advance of service?
Yes you can have an estimate in advance of service

If my car breaks down can I call D&H come and fix it wherever it is?
Yes you can call DH and if you are out of our towing area we will refer you to another shop that we are affiliated with that will help you.

What’s the reimbursement policy?
We offer a 3 year and 36k warranty that covers you anywhere in the US.

May I bring a vehicle that does not belong to me for D&H to fix?
Yes you may as long as you have written permission from the owner.

Do you also take care of other cars that are not listed on the makes you service?
We provide a wide range of services and makes that are listed in our website. We do not provide services outside our areas of expertise.