With February here and the coming of Valentine’s Day in two weeks, love is on our minds. With all of the pressures of life, sometimes it isn’t easy to express love to the people that matter the most. Showing love is essential to all of the relationships we navigate. From amorĂ© to agape, love does more to unite us and fulfill us than all the negatives combined. We need love and thrive on love.

We do a great job of looking after our cars in the long-term. In a pandemic, people can forget how to show a little extra love to each other when they need to. Here are ways to show love to the people you love in the coming month and beyond:

Plan special events with each person in mind. Please be thoughtful about what excites your loved ones. It may be best to ask kids directly, as their interests can change rather swiftly. It’s okay to ask about what interests them and ask if you can share it with them.

Take the time to help out when you see someone struggling. If you see agitation or irritation in someone you love, be proactive, and help. Even asking to help is one foot in the right direction, but it’s also vital to follow through and try to be of help.

Just listen. Sometimes, people try to solve each other’s issues rather than listen to what makes them struggle. Allow a loved one to vent to you and express frustration or upset without trying to modify their behavior. If they need to cry, then let them. This short film, “It’s Not About The Nail,” does an excellent job of pointing out how important it is to have someone listen to us while being very funny!

Empathize. Do your best to understand others’ struggles without keeping your tussles at the forefront of your concerns. It would be best if you had empathy too, but pick your moment so as not to take from someone else’s time.

Give what you can afford to give. Small gifts and gestures can lift us. Don’t extend yourself more than you can afford to, and give without worrying about reciprocation because it makes you feel good to share.

With just a little bit of attentiveness and selflessness, you can lift the people in your life and improve their outlook. Don’t forget to offer up acts of kindness like these whenever you can. It can only improve your outlook on life!


Photo by SeppH from Pixabay