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Fuel Injection Repair in Concord, CA


Fuel injection helped move cars from the days of clunky, inaccurate carburetors, and now provides vehicles with a fine-tuned method of delivering the exact amount of fuel necessary to the engine. This allows engines to be lightweight, powerful, and efficient – so you can get that great performance out of your Jaguar or BMW. However, if your fuel injectors become fouled or are in need of repair, you may see reduced power, lower gas mileage, and all-around sluggishness. If you detect these symptoms, you should bring your vehicle into Frank’s European Service for fuel injection inspection and repair.


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Fuel Injection Repairs You Need

When your fuel injection slows, you may be faced with a number of problems. You need to bring your vehicle into a shop that can test and repair fuel injection system problems including:

  • Fuel Injector Replacement
  • Fuel Injection Rail Replacement
  • Fuel Injector Cleaning
  • Fuel Injector Flow Adjustment

Technicians Dedicated to performing the best Fuel Injection repairs

Whether you have a Mercedes or a Mazda, a Lexus or a Lincoln, our service ASE-Certified Master Technicians are qualified to work on your engine, backed by decades of education and experience. Our technicians are constantly rated as some of the best in the North Cincinnati region for their professional demeanor and mechanical ability and are consistently providing customers with satisfying service.

Thorough fuel injection inspections and accurate testing

At Frank’s European Service, our inspection utilizes a number of tools – from the technician’s eyes and ears to the most advanced code readers and sensors. By using a variety of methods, we can make sure that all problems are detected, not just the most obvious ones. This attention to detail is why customers across the Mojave continue to return when they are in need of service.

Comprehensive and Honest Overviews

Our overview process provides a complete picture to the customer and provides transparency to our labor and repairs. Every overview will have a summary of the problems found, along with explanations of how they were discovered, and ways they can be remedied. Our service staff and technicians will be prepared to answer any questions you may have about the process.

No-Pressure Repair Recommendations

We know that car repairs are not planned expenses, so we will always try to make sure we are providing you with the lowest-cost repair recommendations. We will also let you know which ones are vital, and which fuel injector repair suggestions do not need to be addressed immediately. These no-pressure recommendations keep customers coming back, time and time again.

Fuel Injection Repairs Performed with Quality Parts

All cars are sensitive when it comes to having the right parts installed, and European vehicles in particular need parts with accurate measurements and tolerances. At Frank’s European Service, we aim to restore your vehicle to factory-standard performance, and this means using genuine car maker parts, original equipment manufacturer parts, and the best in aftermarket parts.

"I highly recommend D&H for their integrity and their wonderful workmanship as well as their availability."

Steve W.


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At Frank’s European Service, we provide concise, professional and friendly repair service for the Cincinnati region. Give us a call at (702) 365-9100 to set up an appointment, or fill out the form on our website!