Why Does My Vehicle’s Engine Get So Dirty?

Everyday use of your vehicle leads to a gradual accumulation of carbon deposits throughout the engine and exhaust system. These issues typically result from poor fuel combustion that creates engine clogging, often stemming from urban traffic, short distances and cold temperature. This is when it’s time to give your engine the deep clean it deserves, using the Green Car Factory decarbonizing station here at D&H Enterprises in Concord, CA. It’s the hydrogen solution for carbon build-up.

D&H Enterprises: Your Local Green Car Factory Center

As a preventive measure every 20,000 miles or once a year, a Green Car Factory decarbonizing session will eliminate carbon deposit problems on the EGR valve, catalytic converter or diesel particle filter (DPF).

D&H Enterprises employs the Green Car Factory machine, and here’s how it works:

The machine generates hydrogen gas and pulses it into the cylinders, thru the air intake, when the engine is idling. Mixed with air and fuel, hydrogen raises the combustion temperature and reacts with the carbon deposits.

A Green Car Factory session helps to remove carbon deposits from cylinders, pistons, valves, the exhaust manifold, EGR valve, turbo charger, catalytic converter and DPF. It recovers original efficiency and lost power. Lost fuel mileage is restored. HC and CO are reduced. And hesitation during acceleration is eliminated.

Stop Replacing Dirty Engine Parts. Just Clean Them!

Replacing various parts of your engine is expensive. New spark plugs, injectors and valves, along with the exhaust manifold, turbocharger, combustion chamber, oxygen sensor, diesel particle filter or catalytic converter, can easily run you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The more efficient, less expensive alternative: Clean your engine using the power of hydrogen. Cleaning time depends on engine size, generally 40 minutes for 4 cylinders, 60 minutes for 6 cylinders, or 80 minutes for 8 cylinders. Visit D&H Enterprises, your Green Car Factory center, to experience the many benefits right away!

Come to D&H Enterprises in Concord, CA, for a Green Car Factory decarbonizing session, recommended once a year or every 20,000 miles.

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