Although July is officially National Brake Month, at D&H Enterprises, we firmly believe that this October is a really good month to be thinking about your brakes… and to get them checked.

Halloween brings with it kids running excitedly into suburban traffic, and you’ll want your brakes to be in good shape. This Halloween happens to be on a Saturday, meaning that in addition to kids running around Contra Costa on the annual quest for candy, you must also worry about possible drunk drivers as you go from dusk into the evening. And with fall turning into winter, soon you will have to worry about winter road conditions, especially on long travels to visit family.

Do you know the many tell-tale signs that you’re experiencing trouble with your brakes? Just in case, we’ve compiled a list of things to look for:

  • Noises – Once they know the terror of the high-pitched squeal of pads wearing down, most people do the sensible thing and bring their car in for service!
  • Braking to One Side – If your car brakes unevenly, it could mean brakes on one side of your car have already failed or in the process of failing.
  • Wobbling, Vibration or Scraping – This is the feeling of a brake system beginning to buckle, after the noises were ignored.
  • Leaking Fluid – If you can see brake fluid leaking, that’s fluid your car should have and doesn’t now… and the situation will only get worse if ignored.
  • Burning Smell While Driving – If you smell the acrid scent of burning tire rubber whenever you drive, you likely have a problem with your brakes that needs addressing. Not addressing it can wear your tires down or damage the wheel itself.
  • Bouncing Up and Down When You Stop Short – This could be the suspension, but that’s equally important to your car’s ability to brake.
  • Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal – The feeling of the brake pedal collapsing a bit as you apply the brakes should feel like danger, because it is. It spells the imminent failure of the brake system.
  • Brake Light On – If your brake light is on continuously, your car knows something is wrong and is trying to tell you– look into it immediately!

Having functional brakes is essential for a vehicle. Sometimes brake pads can be worn down without any symptoms, so it’s always wise to get them checked from time to time. Did you know that we take a peek at your brakes every time you bring your car in for repairs at D&H? We want you to be safe, so we always give your brakes a quick inspection when we service your vehicle.

If your brakes are in need of some looking after, or even if they’re in great shape, be aware that with the fires that have been ravaging California in September, your car’s cabin filters and air filters will need to be changed sooner than expected due to the smoke and ashes clogging them up. It’s a good moment to book in and get the air filters done (and let us check into your brakes while we’re at it). Click on this link to schedule an appointment with us today, or call us at 925-356-0683. We’re located at 2689 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520. Our hours of operation are Mon – Fri: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm.


Photo by C. Koch from Pixabay