What Does A Digital Vehicle Inspection Mean?

In the last ten years, groundbreaking leaps in technology have been the norm. In every industry, new innovation is making jobs safer, cleaner, and more comprehensive. And while no robot exists that can diagnose and care for your car as well as we can at D&H Enterprises, yet (whew!), the auto repair industry has been…

October 2020 – Stop In The Name Of Love: A Discussion About Brakes

Although July is officially National Brake Month, at D&H Enterprises, we firmly believe that this October is a really good month to be thinking about your brakes… and to get them checked. Halloween brings with it kids running excitedly into suburban traffic, and you’ll want your brakes to be in good shape. This Halloween happens…

5 Reasons Why A Career In Automotive Repair Could Be Smarter Than Going To College

A lot of people are contemplating career changes in 2020. With the COVID pandemic, many folks are reconsidering their job choices. Is their job essential? Are they able to pay their bills? Do they need to pivot quickly and start developing new skills? So much is going on in the minds and hearts of working-age…

D&H Enterprises List of Magical Road Trips Throughout California

We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful state with such diverse landscapes — California is home to picturesque coastal views, breathtaking mountain tops, and everything in between. If you love to explore, you live in the perfect place. California has a road trip for everyone, including ones who crave an adventure. In the…

Why Is It Smarter To Maintain Your Old Car Than Buy A New One?

When the economy is not doing great, new car sales tend to bottom out. Such is the current case for 2020 and the foreseeable future. With rental car companies like Hertz going bankrupt due to a severe drop in travel, there are a lot of good used cars entering the market. If you are looking…

“Cars For Food” Car Donation Program Details

D&H Enterprises in Concord, California is excited to announce a new campaign we are spearheading through the Rotary Clubs to donate monies to the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano. We are running it through our Cars 2nd Chance initiative and calling it “Cars For Food”. Rotarians are turning your vehicle donations into Food…

We Are All In This Together: A Letter from Mary & Dave Kemnitz of D&H Enterprises

Hello, friends. Throughout this COVID-19 era crisis, the whole world has experienced seismic shifts. Honestly, if someone would have told me back in January what would happen in March and April, I would have been in utter disbelief. But as you know, we’re all experiencing unprecedented times. Throughout our marriage and through this business, Dave…

Most Common Engine Problems

We’ve all had that feeling of panic when we put our key in the ignition and our car either clicks and does nothing else or the car tries but just won’t start. An even more frustrating feeling comes when that mocking red “check engine” light won’t go out, but it gives no indication of what…

Car Service Checklist

Car Service Checklist We all understand that it is much less expensive to prevent a car problem than it is to fix one. People sometimes avoid getting an annual checkup for their car much like they avoid an annual health checkup for themselves. In the end, both can result in a great deal of damage…

Tips for driving in extreme heat

Under extreme heat it’s important to keep your cool and your car cool as well. Here some tips for you, your family and your car: Keep Tires Inflated: Now that you know that hot weather can affect your tire pressure, what can you do about it? Ensure that tires are properly inflated. According to Goodyear Tire…

What do you really know about your Acura?

Acura is one of car brands we are proud to represent. If you own an Acura car, you surely are in good hands. But what do you really know about your Acura? Here’s a few interesting facts we’d like to share with you: 1.Created in 1986, Acura was the first Japanese luxury car brand to hit the…

D&H Believes Education Can Change Lives

D&H Enterprises are a proud partner of ASCEF, the educational foundation that started 20 years ago by the spouses of members of the Automotive Service Council of California (ASCCA). The purpose of the ASC Educational Foundation is to provide educational and training, opportunities, scholarships and endowments in the field of automotive repair and maintenance. But that’s…

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Customer Loyalty: As a family owned repair shop, we’ve always made sure to take care of our customers and community. We participate in fundraising for such programs as Clunkers 4 Charity and cars for careers. We are completely committed to our local Rotary, Clayton Valley/Concord Sunrise and our State Trade Organization, ASCCA. Giving back is our way of saying thanks to our local customers.

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