Auto Repair in Concord, CA

Hello, friends.

Throughout this COVID-19 era crisis, the whole world has experienced seismic shifts. Honestly, if someone would have told me back in January what would happen in March and April, I would have been in utter disbelief. But as you know, we’re all experiencing unprecedented times.

Throughout our marriage and through this business, Dave and I have always given back to our community. Many of you know that we are dedicated Rotarians and share our talents to make the world a better place, one auto repair at a time. As a result, we have created new efforts that will continue to impact our Contra Costa County neighbors and friends in a positive way, especially as we all face economic insecurity.

Community Effort #1:
D&H is offering $1.00 off repair per pound of food brought in to donate two the Monument Crisis Center of Contra Costa/Solano Food Banks. We recognize that charities all over the US are facing shortages because organizations that typically give large volumes of food have shut down.

All you need to do is bring your food donations to D&H Enterprises, and we will weigh them for you. For every pound of food you donate, we’ll knock a dollar off of your final bill. Therefore, 20 pounds of food saves you $20 off your auto repair service. It’s our way of supporting you, our local food banks, and our community at large.

Community Effort #2:
Our car donation program, Cars2ndChance in partnership with the Clayton Valley Concord Rotary and the Lamorinda Rotar, is launching a campaign called “Cars for Food.” We are asking for your car donations because your donation matters more than ever. All proceeds from vehicles will be sent to the Contra Costa/Solano Food Bank and the Monument Crisis Center to feed the hungry. All of this is provided with minimal administrative costs as our team of volunteers work tirelessly to take your calls and process the cars.

If you want to donate a car to Cars2ndChance and participate in our “Cars for Food” program, please contact me directly at [email protected], and I’ll personally walk you through the process. In short, we’ll need your pink slip and make arrangements to pick up your vehicle.

Community Effort #3:
With so many flights canceled, disrupted work and family plans, and urgent needs, you must have access to reliable transportation. At D&H Enterprises, it is our job to ensure that you have reliable transportation, and that’s why we urge you to bring your car in and get it checked out now. We’ll make sure everything is running right so that you have the flexibility you need. We want you to be able to get you where you need to go when you need to get there. Now is not the time for transmission, timing belt, cooling system, brake, or other disruptive failures. As always, we’ll work with you to provide certainty, peace of mind, and a smooth-running car.

By bringing your business to D&H Enterprises, you are also giving back to your community in ways you may not immediately see. But trust us, when you allow our auto repair team to serve you and your family fleet of vehicles, we are creating a ripple effect of joy that touches everyone. To schedule an appointment, please visit or call us at 925-356-0683. You’ll be glad you did!

Remember, we’re all in this together. And together, we are stronger.

With much love,
Mary & Dave Kemnitz
D&H Enterprises
2689 Monument Blvd.
Concord, CA 94520